Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ever wanted your own lip palette?

I’ll show you how to.

Here’s what you need: empty pans, an empty palette, lipsticks, something small to scrape out the lipstick, maybe a cutter, rubbing alcohol (or something alike; I used one of my tonersJ;it contains alcohol), sandwich or baking paper and last but not least, you need your flat iron.

I bought the pans and the palette here.

You start by cleaning all your tools, meaning the pans, your scraper of choice and the cutter.

Then you take your lipstick and gently pull it out. Don’t squeeze it! What happened with my first lipstick was that the whole lipstick came out. Nothing to scrape out.

I just had to cut the lower part with the cutter off and put it in the pan.

Now you want to plug in your flat iron and put your paper and the pan on the flat iron. There is actually no need to preheat the iron.

It’s melting really fast. Oh, one hint, make sure you hold your flat iron straight. Mine is curved and doesn’t stand by itself. I had to hold it the whole time.

When you see that everything solid has melted, turn the flat iron off. You don’t want to boil your lipstick.

 Now you just have to sit there and wait for it to cool down. I found that it helps to blow on the surface of the pan. You can see when the surface gets solid. When that’s the case you can take it off the flat iron. Do this with the paper. Don’t touch the pan! It’s still way too hot!!

Here you can see that the lipstick broke off unevenly. So first I scraped out the lipstick from the case and then I cut the lipstick with the cutter in order to have a straight line on the bottom, since you want to put the lip color back in the case.

It actually looks like the pan on the right is golden, but it’s not. It’s plain silver.

Here you can see the lipsticks and the pans.

 In case you wondered what colors I used:

I have recently bought a magnetic quattro palette and put the pans in there.

I love my new lip palette!!

It was sooo easy to make... 

If you don’t have a magnetic palette, I can show you my palette with my depotted eye shadows in one of the next posts.

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