Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes to Carrots

Hey everybody!
Long time, no write…:-)
Last week I went shopping at Müller, which is a drugstore here in Germany. It pretty much has every brand. I have been there a couple of weeks before and wanted to buy the product but then thought, oh, maybe I shouldn’t buy it, save my money.
Well, I bought it the next time I went there. :-)

So here is a picture of what I bought:

A Yes to carrots-set.
The first time I thought, uggh carrots, what is this going to smell like…?
Well, it certainly doesn’t smell like carrots. :-) I love the scent of all the products. It is sweet and I honestly don’t know how to describe it, other that it kind of smells like babies sometimes smell. Does this make any sense?

The set includes the following:
Gentle exfoliating facial cleanser (18ml-0.6 fl. oz.)

I like this one a lot; the scrubs are very small and gentle. Your face just feels clean after you use it.

Moisturizing Day Cream (18ml-0.6 fl. oz.)

This also feels good on the face. It is very rich. That good for me, cause my always feels so dry after washing it. It “combines organic carrot juice, orange, cucumber and dead sea minerals”. Also on the packaging it says that “yes to carrots is perfect for normal to dry skin.”
I think, though, that the cream might be too heavy for summer. For winter, however, it is perfect.

Deliciously rich body butter (30ml-1.01 fl. oz.)

“Skin feeling dry and just don’t know how to keep it hydrated? You will jump up and down with joy once you try our deliciously rich body butter.” And that is so true! I will definitely get the normal size of the body butter.

Daily pampering shower gel (60ml-2 fl. oz.)

Love the smell but can’t see anything special. It smells soooo good however. Oh and by the way, this is the only product that’s actually orange.

So overall, the set is really good. I love those little trial samples. They are really good to get to know new brands.
The set was only € 9, 99.
If you want to know more about the company and their products,
check out their website à


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