Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nail of the Day II

So, here is my second go with the essence nail art special effect topper in 05 time for reflection.

This time I used a darker colour. It is a nailpolish by MNY in the colour 557. A dark purple with a metallic effect:

After it dried I put the special effect topper on top of it. This changed the colour quite a bit:

The picture doesn't show it as well as in reality. It looks now like one of those rainbow colours, that change when you turn your hand.

These are the 3 polishes I've used. Thought I show you the base coat. It is an absolut must when using dark colours.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nail of the Day I

Here's my first nail of the day!

First I used the p2 color victim nailpolish in 250 so cool!. It's a pretty colour by itself as you can see here:

Then I put the essence nail art special effect topper on it. This has a tendency to change the look of your nailpolish completely:

I don't know if you can see the effect in these pictures. But the colour changed from being metallic to being more milky or pearly. It is less harsh. Totally perfect for summer!:-)
The effect is really good to see when you use nailpolish without glitter in it. Next time, I'll show a different colour and you will understand what I mean.

Here are the two polishes:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you have a medicine kit in your bag?

I do! Let me show you:

The outside

The inside

I love the design! The box is really sturdy. It’s made out of metal. I bought it at dm, my favorite store. It cost under € 1,50 and contained sanitary napkins which I threw away because I don’t need them.

1. Magnesium in powder form; good if you don’t have water. This helps in case of a headache, migraine or leg cramps.
2. That’s vitamin C in powder form. You have to keep it in your mouth until it dissolves. Good to have on hand if you feel a cold coming.
3. A pill to keep in your mouth if you have a sore throat.
4. Headache pills
5. Sample of a hand creme.
6. Hair band. I usually forget to take one with me.

You can stock this kit up with all the things you think you could possibly need. I usually also have a pill against migraine in it but I ran out. Have to go and buy some.

I also carry this little zipper bag around. I would say it is pretty obvious what’s in it, isn’t it?:-)

Some bandages and a little sewing kit, just in case…

If you also carry a medicine kit around, let me know what’s in yours.
It’s always good to get new ideas.