Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you have a medicine kit in your bag?

I do! Let me show you:

The outside

The inside

I love the design! The box is really sturdy. It’s made out of metal. I bought it at dm, my favorite store. It cost under € 1,50 and contained sanitary napkins which I threw away because I don’t need them.

1. Magnesium in powder form; good if you don’t have water. This helps in case of a headache, migraine or leg cramps.
2. That’s vitamin C in powder form. You have to keep it in your mouth until it dissolves. Good to have on hand if you feel a cold coming.
3. A pill to keep in your mouth if you have a sore throat.
4. Headache pills
5. Sample of a hand creme.
6. Hair band. I usually forget to take one with me.

You can stock this kit up with all the things you think you could possibly need. I usually also have a pill against migraine in it but I ran out. Have to go and buy some.

I also carry this little zipper bag around. I would say it is pretty obvious what’s in it, isn’t it?:-)

Some bandages and a little sewing kit, just in case…

If you also carry a medicine kit around, let me know what’s in yours.
It’s always good to get new ideas.

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