Tuesday, May 3, 2011

L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Make-Up with auto-adjustable pigments

Hey everybody!
Today I have something so exciting to show you.

This is the L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Make-Up with auto-adjustable pigments.

If you hear auto-adjustable pigments, what comes immediately to your mind?!

Exactly, the Origins Vitazing. If you don’t know this moisturizer, watch this video by Tiffany.

When I watched the video I totally wanted the Vitazing. But here in Germany it is so expensive. I just didn’t want to spend that much money. On douglas.de it was 35 €.

When I walked into dm today, I saw the L’Oréal Make-Up and I just had to have it. It wasn’t inexpensive but not nearly as much as the Vitazing. You get 34 ml, 1.14 FL. OZ. for 17,95€.

It comes in two shades. One for fair skin tone – the one I bought – and for dark skin tones.
If you are really fair, the one for fair skin tones might still be to dark. You'll just have to test it in the store.

When you look at the actual make- up, it is white with some really small dark grains in it. I guess that those are responsible for the colour. As you put it on your face and blend it, it changes colour.

The product as it comes out of the tube.

It changes colour when touched.

It goes on smooth and is easy to blend. Using your fingers is probably the easiest way to use this product.

"Unifying result, Ultra natural, Pigments adjust to skin tone, SPF 12, 24 h moisturizing"

I have not used it a lot so far but I will definetly keep you updated, if my first impression of the product was right.

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  1. I bought it last year when I was in Germany in DM store. Cheap store like our CVS or Wallgreen and can't find it anywhere else.
    IT IS AMAZING. I use it only on occasion, since don't know when again I will be back in Germany, surely will stock up.