Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ANNY nailpolishes

Hey guys,

here are the promised swatches of the ANNY set I bought. The set is called "Blue Ocean - Miami Beach". It was 9,95 €. You get 3 travel sized nailpolishes. If bought seperately one would cost 4,95 €.

These are the colors you get:

From left to right: 585 ANNY in the sky, 589 ocean in a bottle, 593 blue diamond

Here is 585 ANNY in the sky on my nails:

You have to use at least 2 coats, as the colour is not very well covering. I used 2 coats in this pictures and you can still see my nails through it. However, the colour is really pretty. A sparkly light blue.

This is the 589 ocean in a bottle polish:

I also used 2 coats. Really pretty metallic medium blue. No sparkles this time.

Last but not least the colour 593 blue diamond:

I haven't used this one on my nails completey. Only to make some accents on my nails. I used tape to create these straight lines. The light blue is 585 ANNY in the sky.

One last thing:

I took this picture to show you the difference between the normal and travel sizes. 15 ml (0,50 fl. oz) vs. 6 ml (0,20 fl. oz).

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