Friday, July 29, 2011

GlossyBox July

Hey everybody!

My July GlossyBox arrived today. Here is what I got:

I really have to decide which of the 2 boxes I am going to keep. It is so annoying to receive some products twice.

What do you think? Do you get multiple boxes or just one? I really like to know, such a hard decision...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

p2 is changing their range of products

Hey everbody!

Most of you have probably seen on facebook that p2 is changing their range of product. This basically means that you won't be able to buy a certain nail polish or eye shadow anymore. Don't worry, you still have time until the beginning of September 2011 to stock up.

As I mostly own nail polishes by p2, here's a list of the products and colours which will be removed:

Click to enlarge!
I marked the products I own. In case you want to stock up on some colours, here are the pictures of the marked colours:

 I used scandal in this Nail of the Day.

who cares? - scandal - cloud no. 9

Now you will see two blushes, don't even consider to buy them, they are really not good. I might do a full review of why I don't like them.

The products that are on the list will not be reduced. Don't be sad if you can't repurchase a favourite product. There will be some new products and colours!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Astor Fash'n Studio Fruity Scent

Hello everybody!

Most of you probably have already heard that dm, my favourite drugstore, now carries Astor.

As I don't need any other makeup, I decided to buy a nailpolish. They had some little ones and I think the sign said something about trend colours. But I'm really not sure about that. The bottles were only 2,45€, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here is the colour I chose with only one coat on:

It is a great coral-ly colour! The polishes do not have names, only numbers. This one is number 119. You get 6 ml of product. Which is fine with me as I have never finished a polish completely.

Here comes the best part: Somehow Astor has managed to put a scent in the polish. I only saw this when I put it on my nails. Didn't pay attention to this detail in the store.
Anyway, I think this is great! Just don't do it as I did. I smelled the bottle and believe me, it wasn't good as you don't smell anything of the fruity scent in the bottle. Only when the polish dries on your nails, you will smell it. It smells really fruity! It's going to be interesting how long the scent will stay on the nails.

Hope you liked it! Comments are greatly appreciated! ;-)

Edit: So I have the polish on my nails now for about 5 days, I think, and it has not chipped. Plus, you can still smell the scent although I put a top coat on. Great stuff!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Douglas Box-of-Beauty July

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to show you real quick what I got in my Douglas Box-of-Beauty today.

Let's start at the top right: Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler 5 ml - I already got this product in my first GlossyBox

Then we have the NYX Long Pencil Lip in the colour 01 Auburn 2 g - It's quite dark, will see if I use it.

A cleansing foam by ANNAYAKE 15 ml - I already have a face cream of this company, really liked it and can't wait to try the foam.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 7 ml - Again, I got this already in a GlossyBox, however, I liked this cream, so it's a good thing.

YSL Parisienne Eau de parfum 7,5 ml - Smells really good.

NYX Gloss in the colour 13 Peach 2,5 ml - Pretty much the same colour the Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss I received in the June GlossyBox. Watch here.

So, there were some nice product in this month box, however, I think someday I have to make a decision between the two boxes as the products are sometimes the same.

Hope you liked it! Leave a  comment!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ANNY Kate's Favorites

This week I went shopping and I found this little set of ANNY nailpolishes. They were just waiting for me! ;-)

It says "No more questions, no more waiting. Kate, ANNY already has your favourites!"
So, I figured, that this set has been out there for quite some time. I mean the Royal Wedding was in the end of April. Anyway, I like those little sets, I already have the "Blue Ocean - Miami-Beach"-set. Check out my review here.

These are the colours you get:

They come in this bag which is the cutest thing!

From left to right: 230 remember me - 245 sweet candy - 265 soft vanilla

When I swatched soft vanilla I was really sceptical. Because it looks kind of yellowish. Well, it doesn't look like that on the nails.

The colours are really soft and perfect for a wedding. Sweet cany and soft vanilla are great colours for a french manicure.

Take a look at this:

One coat of soft vanilla

Two coats

I like that look. It is really natural. Make sure you apply only a thin layer of polish. It will dry much faster than putting a whole lot of product on your nail.

This is the product I used for the french tips:

It's the essence manicure & pedicure pen in pearly silver. It works like a felt pen. Really easy to use and definitely no mess. My go-to product when I'm doing a french manicure.

Hope you liked it! Leave a comment! Thx!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sleek i-Divine EyeShadow Palette Oh so special

Last but not least my newest addition to my Sleek collection. The Oh so special palette.

The sparkle shows you which shadows have shimmer in them.

The palette contains surprisingly a lot of matte eye shadows. I recently used the browns in my application pictures. They came out great.

Here are the swatches:

First row

Seond row
I have used Ribbon and Pamper and honestly, they don't look good on me. It makes me look like I just cried my eyes out.

"It’s the ultimate i-Divine that every woman should have in her possession, with 12 flattering on-trend shades to suit all skin tones no matter what the occasion, the Oh So Special palette will always deliver the perfect results.

Take your look from day time chic with matte browns and creamy beiges, through to sultry evening glamour with shimmering grays and smokey plums. A make-up bag staple and a must-have i-Divine you can rely on, so no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll look Oh So Special!"


Hope you liked it! Leave a comment!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sleek i-Divine EyeShadow Palette Sparkle

So, I had all the other Sleek palettes for a while now and use them basically everyday. Some more, some less.
Recently I bought 2 other palettes. The first one is, as you probably have already seen, the sparkle palette.

The colours are really pigmented and so buttery. It's unbelievable. Not to forget the sparkles in the eyeshadows. This palette is definitely best used at night when you go out.

Here are the swatches:

First row

Second row

Second row - different angle
The pictures don't really show the sparkle a lot. The palette contains 3 colours that are without sparkles. The gold and silver in the second row and the matte black in the first row on the right. The gold and silver are more metallic-y.

There are also some colours which look similar in the palette but really are not.
One example:

Star Light is more a darker grey compared directly to Glitz & Glamour which is black. The same goes for the two purples in the palette. Illusion is darker than Festive.

When applying the shadows you have to be careful as you will get quite some fallout and sparkles are everywhere. I suggest you do your eyes before you apply any make up to your face. Or you hold a tissues under your eyes.

Unfortunately the palette is not  listed anymore on the website of Sleek. I don't know why. Just in case you want to get one, here is where I bought mine: I just saw that they have free delievery for the whole month of July. But only in Germany. Definitely have to check that out. :-)

Hope you liked this review. Leave me a comment! Check back tomorrow, I'll show you the other palette I bought.