Sunday, July 17, 2011

ANNY Kate's Favorites

This week I went shopping and I found this little set of ANNY nailpolishes. They were just waiting for me! ;-)

It says "No more questions, no more waiting. Kate, ANNY already has your favourites!"
So, I figured, that this set has been out there for quite some time. I mean the Royal Wedding was in the end of April. Anyway, I like those little sets, I already have the "Blue Ocean - Miami-Beach"-set. Check out my review here.

These are the colours you get:

They come in this bag which is the cutest thing!

From left to right: 230 remember me - 245 sweet candy - 265 soft vanilla

When I swatched soft vanilla I was really sceptical. Because it looks kind of yellowish. Well, it doesn't look like that on the nails.

The colours are really soft and perfect for a wedding. Sweet cany and soft vanilla are great colours for a french manicure.

Take a look at this:

One coat of soft vanilla

Two coats

I like that look. It is really natural. Make sure you apply only a thin layer of polish. It will dry much faster than putting a whole lot of product on your nail.

This is the product I used for the french tips:

It's the essence manicure & pedicure pen in pearly silver. It works like a felt pen. Really easy to use and definitely no mess. My go-to product when I'm doing a french manicure.

Hope you liked it! Leave a comment! Thx!

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