Saturday, July 23, 2011

Astor Fash'n Studio Fruity Scent

Hello everybody!

Most of you probably have already heard that dm, my favourite drugstore, now carries Astor.

As I don't need any other makeup, I decided to buy a nailpolish. They had some little ones and I think the sign said something about trend colours. But I'm really not sure about that. The bottles were only 2,45€, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here is the colour I chose with only one coat on:

It is a great coral-ly colour! The polishes do not have names, only numbers. This one is number 119. You get 6 ml of product. Which is fine with me as I have never finished a polish completely.

Here comes the best part: Somehow Astor has managed to put a scent in the polish. I only saw this when I put it on my nails. Didn't pay attention to this detail in the store.
Anyway, I think this is great! Just don't do it as I did. I smelled the bottle and believe me, it wasn't good as you don't smell anything of the fruity scent in the bottle. Only when the polish dries on your nails, you will smell it. It smells really fruity! It's going to be interesting how long the scent will stay on the nails.

Hope you liked it! Comments are greatly appreciated! ;-)

Edit: So I have the polish on my nails now for about 5 days, I think, and it has not chipped. Plus, you can still smell the scent although I put a top coat on. Great stuff!

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  1. tolle farbe, den werde ich mir mal anschauen :-)!
    Mir gefällt dein Blog und ich verfolge ihn ab jetzt. :-)
    Es würde mich wahnsinnig freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen könntest und ich vielleicht eine neue Leserin dazugewinnen würde!
    Liebste Grüße <3