Thursday, July 28, 2011

p2 is changing their range of products

Hey everbody!

Most of you have probably seen on facebook that p2 is changing their range of product. This basically means that you won't be able to buy a certain nail polish or eye shadow anymore. Don't worry, you still have time until the beginning of September 2011 to stock up.

As I mostly own nail polishes by p2, here's a list of the products and colours which will be removed:

Click to enlarge!
I marked the products I own. In case you want to stock up on some colours, here are the pictures of the marked colours:

 I used scandal in this Nail of the Day.

who cares? - scandal - cloud no. 9

Now you will see two blushes, don't even consider to buy them, they are really not good. I might do a full review of why I don't like them.

The products that are on the list will not be reduced. Don't be sad if you can't repurchase a favourite product. There will be some new products and colours!


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