Friday, July 15, 2011

Sleek i-Divine EyeShadow Palette Sparkle

So, I had all the other Sleek palettes for a while now and use them basically everyday. Some more, some less.
Recently I bought 2 other palettes. The first one is, as you probably have already seen, the sparkle palette.

The colours are really pigmented and so buttery. It's unbelievable. Not to forget the sparkles in the eyeshadows. This palette is definitely best used at night when you go out.

Here are the swatches:

First row

Second row

Second row - different angle
The pictures don't really show the sparkle a lot. The palette contains 3 colours that are without sparkles. The gold and silver in the second row and the matte black in the first row on the right. The gold and silver are more metallic-y.

There are also some colours which look similar in the palette but really are not.
One example:

Star Light is more a darker grey compared directly to Glitz & Glamour which is black. The same goes for the two purples in the palette. Illusion is darker than Festive.

When applying the shadows you have to be careful as you will get quite some fallout and sparkles are everywhere. I suggest you do your eyes before you apply any make up to your face. Or you hold a tissues under your eyes.

Unfortunately the palette is not  listed anymore on the website of Sleek. I don't know why. Just in case you want to get one, here is where I bought mine: I just saw that they have free delievery for the whole month of July. But only in Germany. Definitely have to check that out. :-)

Hope you liked this review. Leave me a comment! Check back tomorrow, I'll show you the other palette I bought.

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