Thursday, August 4, 2011

L'Oréal Super Liner Luminizer

Hey everybody!

You have most likely already heard/seen that L'Oréal is offering mascara and eye liner suited for your eye colour.
So when I walked in to Rossmann, another German drugstore, I saw that they had 20% off of all L'Oréal products. I bought an eye liner which cost something around 6€.  The original price is about 9€.

Here it is:

It is called Super Liner Luminizer in the colour Black Amethyst for Hazel Eyes. It is a dark brown which also has some purple in it. It really makes my eye colour stand out. The tip is not a brush but a felt tip which is nice.

For the swatches I used another Super Liner in the colour brown which I have now for quite some time.
It is this one:

On top of the two pictures is the plain brown liner and below is the one for Hazel Eyes:

I think the pictures show the difference quite well. When I run out of my current mascara I will definitly buy the mascara for Hazel Eyes.

Hope you liked it! As always comments are greatly appreciated!:-)


  1. sehen beide ziemplich hochwertig aus :D

  2. Wow! This looks great! Hope this is released in England soon! xx