Monday, September 5, 2011

Nail of the Day - Totally nude

Nail of the Day
Hello everybody!
Today I want to show you a very special NOTD. It is this one. Totally nude! :-)

I believe that you have to give your nails some rest from all the nail polish.
So, whenever I feel that my nails are "stressed" from all the polish (can nails be stressed?! anyway, you know what I mean ;-))
I take the polish off and use a polishing file. I have various of them. The newest addition to my collection is this one:

It is the Quicky! by Manoa Cristal. It was in the August GlossyBox. If you have the Douglas Box-of-Beauty, you will own it next month as it will be in the box then.

The Quicky! has two sides.
Side nr. 1 is red.

You use it to smooth your nails.

Side nr. 2 is white.

This side is used to polish your nails. Your nails will be so shiny.

A bonus of this polishing file is that there is quite a lot of foam under the the two sides.
This padding prevents your cuticles from getting hurt. Look at this:

Hope you liked this NOTD. Leave a comment and let me know.

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