Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alverde - Mademoiselle LE

Hey eveybody!

Today I walked into my local dm and I found the new LE by Alverde. Completely untouched!!! 
So of course I made some swatches on the back of my hand.

Here they are:

These are the eyeshadows. They were not that pigmented and I have enough anyway.
I can't remember the colour name. But just to give you the names; here they are: 10 Vanille, 20 Cassis, 300 Fraise glacé.

These are the lipsticks. I bought the right one. I'll show you more detailed in the end what I bought.
One costs 2,95€.

These are the lipglosses. Sorry that you can't see a lot but I had my car keys in my left pocket and the swatches were on my left had.... I took those pictures at home because I didn't have my camera with me. Again, sorry.
The lipgloss on the left is a gold, in the middle is a brown and on the right is a cleary gloss with lots of multi-coloured sparkles. These are the names: 10 Praline, 20 Parfait, 30 Sorbet.
I don't remember which name belongs to which gloss. They cost 2,95€.

These are the two blush colours. One is 3,25€.

The two powders. I'm guessing that the one on the left is 10 Naturell and right one is 20 Créme caramel since it is slightly darker. One costs 3,75€.

That's all there was to swatch.

As promised here are the products I bought:

One last word about the packaging. It looks really pretty. Take a look at the lace detailing:

The packaging is not made out of plastic, it is made of cardboard. I have never bought anything with a cardboard packaging. I have to say that it feels weird to have a lipstick in cardboard instead of plastic. The rouge I will depot soon. Should not be that difficult.

Did you buy anything from this LE? 


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