Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alverde - New products

Hey everybody,
so I got my first package from a company to try some of their products. This feels like christmas!!

Here are the products:


Th pigmentation of these eye shadows is not comparable with the Sleek pigmentation but it's sufficient for a subtle everyday look.

They eyebrow set contains two different brushes. One is angled and one is round. Use the angled one to fill in your brows and the rounded one for the highlight under your brows.

For this eye, I used 'Magic Sand' all over my lid and 'Dark Aubergine' in my crease. On my eyebrow I used the powder from the eyebrow set and the lighter colour as a highlight. Then I used the wax to fix the eyebrows in place

Let's go on with two blushes:

Contains flecks of glitter. Best used at night time. Definitely skip your cheek highlighter. You don't want to end up looking like a disco ball....:-)

Also contains glitter but no flecks. Gives more of a shine rather than a sparkle.


Haven't tried the make up yet on my face. I think it is probably a little bit to yellow for me.

Thanks Alverde for sending me these products!

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