Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dried-up gel eyeliner

Hey everybody!

Today I want to show you the reason(s) why I don't use gel eyeliner any more. I've been meaning to show you this for a long time but I forgot....

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So the two eyeliners to the left I bought first. I also think they were the first Alverde came out with. They are the colours 01 Schwarz (black) and 05 Smaragd (a lovely dark green). As I don't use eyeliner everyday I used them only occasionally. Well, after some time I wanted to use them again and they were dried-up! Great! On Facebook I found out that there was some problem with the container. Apparently it didn't close properly and air was coming in.

Look at those dry eyeliners:

When I found out that they reworked the packaging I went to get another one. At the same time there was this LE out by essence called Denim Wanted and it contained a gel eyeliner. And what did I do? Yes, exactly, I bought both. For comparison reasons. I really liked the Denim Wanted one as it was not as soft as the Alverde one. They were both black.

Here is what happened:

The essence eyeliner dried up so much it shrank and the whole "gel" came out. 

In this one from Alverde you can see the cracks from the dryness. I still have them and the cracks are even bigger now.

The reason why I still have them is that I don't know if I should return them or just throw them away. I mean, dm (the place where I bought them all) has a great return policy but these are kind of old.
Did this happen to you and what did you do? Please let me know.

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