Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travalo - Perfume to go

Hey everybody!

Have you heard about Travalo? It is a "refillable perfume atomizer". Take a look:

What you basically do, is fill your perfume of choice in the Travalo, put it in your purse and you're ready to go. No need to carry heavy perfume bottles with you.

It's easy to fill. You need no funnel. Just take the cap off your perfume and put the lower end of the Travalo on top of the perfume. Then pump several times. And your perfume is in the Travalo.

I have used the new Christina Aguilera perfume Secret Potion. The bottle was full before I put some in my Travalo. So you see how much of the perfume is now in the Travalo.

The little window shows you exactly how much perfume you have left in your Travalo.

What I love especially about my Travalo is the spray. (Do you call it spray? Hope so...) It is so fine. Much finer than from the original bottle. Great!

I bought mine on amazon.de. It was around €12. There are also different colours available. Silver, black, golden, blue. What I also found really interesting, is that a reviewer on amazon wrote that she uses the Travalo for deodorant. So that works as well, of course only with spray bottles.

You can also check out their website travalo.com. They have a bigger Travalo, Carry Cases & Accessories and Gift Packs. I will definitely buy another one and try the trick with the deodorant.

Do you own a Travalo?

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