Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brush Storage for Travelling

Hey guys!
Today I want to sho you an idea for storing your brushes when you are travelling.

Last week I went to Ikea and got a set of boxes.

It is this one:

I circled the two boxes you could use for brush storage.

Let's start with the smaller one:

The boxes both have the same width, only the height is different. I used this one for my eye shadow brushes.

Only one didn't fit! All the others fit perfectly.

This is the higher one. Perfect for bis face brushes.

So many fit in this box... Again, only one didn't fit.

I think that's a great way to store your brushes so they stay in shape. How do you store your brushes when travelling?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brush Storage

Hey girls!

Today I thought I'd show you how I store my brushes. I bought it at Staples. It was under 5 €. Originally, it is designed to use on your desk.

Here is what it looks like:

I have this sitting on a shelf. The front with my most used brushes is facing me. Therefore, I named it 'front'. The container itself is divided into 4 compartments.

On the left front I have all my eyeshadow brushes and on the right front all my face brushes. In the left back I store my 2 concealers, 2 Nyx jumbo pencils and a p2 eye brightener, which I use as a brow highlight during the day. In the right back I store brushes that I either don't use every day or that don't fit in the two other categories.

I took the brushes of the right side out, so you could see the compartments.

The reason why I like this so much, that it is not only clear plastic, it has a glow. Just like white under black light. The rims glow in a light blue. You probably can't see it very well on the picture but maybe in the next picture:

This is how I store my brushes. Tomorrow I will show you a way to store your brushes for travelling.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

p2 meets essence love

Hey everybody!

Another NOTD with an essence top coat. This time it is the love top coat.

First I applied two coats of p2 forever nail polish in 060 cloud no. 9. After that I applied one coat of essence re-mix your style love top coat in 01 feels so good. (Later I discovered that the names of the polishes fit perfectly together: cloud no. 9 and love:-))
The top coat has a pink/silver fine glitter in it. Which is so pretty and so easy to take off.

Here are some close-up's:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haul Shining Cosmetics

Hey everybody!

Today I want to show you a quick haul of some things I ordered online.

Finally I own a Z-Palette!

Then I also had to buy some self-adhesive square magnets in case an eye shadow is not magnetic.

And the newest Sleek palette. Au Naturel.

Only three things. But I wanted them so much...:-)

A word or two about the shop. It is called The owner of the shop is called Frauke. She has China Glaze, Orly and Essie polishes in stock, as well as Sleek and Barry M. Last but not least, all different styles and sizes of the Z-Palette.

The package was wrapped like this:

Pink with polka dots!

Inside was a pink (!) evelope with the invoice and some candy.

Really lovely! I can only recommend this shop!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MNY with essence pop top coat

Hey everybody!

As promised here is the NOTD with the grey MNY nail polish.
I won this polish and applied it straight away with no base coat and no top coat. Needless to say that it chipped rather quickly. I didn't want to take it off completely. So I used a glitter topcoat.

If you want to see the pure, grey polish without the glitter, click here.

I like it. It is so pretty and shimmery...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alverde - Matroschka meets Beauty

Hey girls!

Today I  received an email from Alverde. They have a new LE. It is called Matroschka meets Beauty. As the name already says, it is inspired by Russia. It is available in dm stores from December 1st.

The packaging is like the Mademoiselle LE made of card board.

I am not going to show you all the products. Only the ones I am considering buying. If you want to see the other products, check Alverde's Facebook page.

I only want two products. The first one is an Kajal-Eyeliner.

I especially want the golden one.
From left to right: 30 shimmery green, 10 shimmery silver, 20 shimmery gold.
They cost 1,75€.

The next product is a Compact-Lipgloss.

They come in three shades. I will definitely take a closer look on the right one. I don't have a berry color at the moment.
The shades: 10 rose beauty, 20 coral blush, 30 purple blush. These are 2,95€ each.

MNY Contest - My prize

Hey everybody!

A few weeks ago MNY had a contest on Facebook. I honestly can't remember what I had to do to enter. I think, you just had to enter your name and email.
Anyway, I won something! I usually never do. But hey, there's got to be a first time...

Here is what I won:

Two tickets for the movie "Atemlos" with Taylor Lautner. The official title is "Abduction".

In Germany the movie was released on October 13th. Due to some difficulties I (and many others) received the tickets this week. Which means that the movie is hardly playing anywhere. Luckily, I found a movie theatre which still plays it. I will watch it with a friend next week. It is basically the last chance to see as it will be out of movie theatres next week.

As a compensation for getting the tickets so late MNY was kind enough to send three of their products.

If you read my blog a little bit longer, you know that I love nail polishes. That was the first one I had to try.
It is a nice, not too dark grey:

If you want to see the grey with a little twist, check back tomorrow as I will show you a NOTD with that polish.

Thanks MNY for the tickets and the products!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TeNeues Large Magneto Diary Glamour 2012

Hey everbody!

Today I have something that is not beauty related. It is my new diary for 2012!

Looks great, right!?

Here is the back:

This is the large one. It measures 16 x 22 cm. This is the second large one I had. The years before I always had the small ones.
The reason why it is called magneto is because it has a magnetic flap which closes the diary nicely. All the way in the back there is a pocket to store notes or business cards.

Here you can see the magnetic flap:

In the diary you have several pages which show more paintings. This is one example:

What does the actual calendar look like?

On the left page you have the whole week with plenty of room for your appointments. On the right side you have the whole page to write down notes.

You have the days and months in six languages. Also, the holidays of various countries are noted. Morning, Afternoon and Evening are divided by little dots. But you don't have to use that divison. There are no lines in one day. But what's great, you can see the lines from the previous notes pages through the paper. This helps to write straight and not diagonal.

In the front of the diary you have an overview of the whole year. One month per page.

All the way in the back you have various pages for notes. By various, I mean a lot.

Another feature is that you after the calender of 2012 is finished, you have the whole year of the 2013 one month per page.

You also have a management vocabulary in three languages. Englisch, German and French. This is nice if you have to look up a management related word.

You can get the diary here, or on / Btw, it is cheaper on than on the teNeues Website. I bought mine from and it was €13,95. They also have other designs, this is just the one I liked best this year.

Do you still use an actual paper diary? If you have, leave a link to your favourite planner/diary/calendar!