Friday, November 18, 2011

MNY Contest - My prize

Hey everybody!

A few weeks ago MNY had a contest on Facebook. I honestly can't remember what I had to do to enter. I think, you just had to enter your name and email.
Anyway, I won something! I usually never do. But hey, there's got to be a first time...

Here is what I won:

Two tickets for the movie "Atemlos" with Taylor Lautner. The official title is "Abduction".

In Germany the movie was released on October 13th. Due to some difficulties I (and many others) received the tickets this week. Which means that the movie is hardly playing anywhere. Luckily, I found a movie theatre which still plays it. I will watch it with a friend next week. It is basically the last chance to see as it will be out of movie theatres next week.

As a compensation for getting the tickets so late MNY was kind enough to send three of their products.

If you read my blog a little bit longer, you know that I love nail polishes. That was the first one I had to try.
It is a nice, not too dark grey:

If you want to see the grey with a little twist, check back tomorrow as I will show you a NOTD with that polish.

Thanks MNY for the tickets and the products!

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