Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TeNeues Large Magneto Diary Glamour 2012

Hey everbody!

Today I have something that is not beauty related. It is my new diary for 2012!

Looks great, right!?

Here is the back:

This is the large one. It measures 16 x 22 cm. This is the second large one I had. The years before I always had the small ones.
The reason why it is called magneto is because it has a magnetic flap which closes the diary nicely. All the way in the back there is a pocket to store notes or business cards.

Here you can see the magnetic flap:

In the diary you have several pages which show more paintings. This is one example:

What does the actual calendar look like?

On the left page you have the whole week with plenty of room for your appointments. On the right side you have the whole page to write down notes.

You have the days and months in six languages. Also, the holidays of various countries are noted. Morning, Afternoon and Evening are divided by little dots. But you don't have to use that divison. There are no lines in one day. But what's great, you can see the lines from the previous notes pages through the paper. This helps to write straight and not diagonal.

In the front of the diary you have an overview of the whole year. One month per page.

All the way in the back you have various pages for notes. By various, I mean a lot.

Another feature is that you after the calender of 2012 is finished, you have the whole year of the 2013 one month per page.

You also have a management vocabulary in three languages. Englisch, German and French. This is nice if you have to look up a management related word.

You can get the diary here, or on / Btw, it is cheaper on than on the teNeues Website. I bought mine from and it was €13,95. They also have other designs, this is just the one I liked best this year.

Do you still use an actual paper diary? If you have, leave a link to your favourite planner/diary/calendar!

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