Monday, November 7, 2011

Zoeva - Very Croc Set | 1

Hey guys!

After a short break, I am now back with the third product I own by Zoeva.
If you haven't seen my first two product click here to see them: Sun Power Palette & Ultra Shimmer Palette

The Very Croc Set is a set of 18 brushes. It costs 30€. This makes 1,66€ per brush. Not really expensive, is it?!

The set comes in this satin-like pouch:

The brushes come in this kind of brush roll. It is not really a roll more of like a fold...

When you open it, you have all the brushes in place.

Each brush is individually wrapped in plastic. I think that's not really necessary...
The size of the opend bruhs folder is 58 x 24 x 2 cm (says Zoeva). I don't keep my brushes in here. I have them all in a brush holder.

left side

right side

All the way to the right you have a zipper bag for cotton pads, etc....

I use the brushes every time I do my make-up now. I think they are good quality. That's why I am planning to show you each brush seperately. So don't forget to check back!

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  1. Danke für deinen Link! Werde dich gleich mal verfolgen!

    Lg, Anja