Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zoeva - Very Croc Set | 2

Hey everybody!

Today I want to show you the left side of the brush set. It is this one:

I took picture of the brushes from different angles, so you know what they look like

The powder brush is one of the brushes I don't use. Not because I don't like, but I have another one and I rarely wear powder.

The stippling brush is one of my most used brushes. I use this to blend my foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturizer. At first I was a little disappointed in this brush as it is not as stiff as I expected it, now I am used to it and it works just fine.

The blush brush is also used very often. It is not round. More flat. Gives you the possibility to use just one swipe to apply the blush or to use the smaller side and apply a pop of colour to your apple of the cheek.

This is also a blush brush but I use it for countouring my face. As you can see it has an angle which makes it perfect for that.

The foundation bush is also one of those brushes I don't use. I put some dots of foundation on my face and then blend it with the stippling brush.

I love this brush! The eye blender is round and dome shaped. It is so soft...I use this mostly to blend my brow highlight with the eye shadow, so that there are no harsh edges.

The shader brush is great to apply eye shadow all over your lid. There is one bigger and one smaller. The difference is not visible in the pictures. So I can't tell you which one is which. They are both great.

That's it for the left side of the set. Check back for the right side.

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