Monday, December 19, 2011

Alnatura - Coconut Water

Hey guys!

So I've read that coconut water is so healthy and sooo calorie-free, there was just no way around buying the Alnatura coconut water when I saw it in my local dm.

I gave it a try and just couldn't finish it... I totally did not like it! My family tried it as well and they were not too enthusiastic either.

If you want to, give it a try. I am not so lucky with coconut products lately. I love cocnut in candy, Bounty, Rafaello...
 I  have bought a coconut lotion in the summer. The smell in the tube is great but if I put it on my skin it turns into this absolute disgusting smell. Just makes me want to vomit. Am I the only one with that phenomenon?


  1. My brother let me try some of his before and I was completely disgusted by it too! I think I just expected it to taste gorgeous with it being coconut! My bro assured me it tastes better chilled (mine was room temp) but I'm still not convinced! xx

  2. you need to drink it out of a real coconut! its delicious. I don't like the boxed stuff either.
    We ALWAYS get real coconuts when we go to Puerto Rico. 2 Dollars and they will cut it open and put a straw in it :-D

  3. If you can't buy fresh coconuts and have to resort to the Alnatura type, then perhaps try the type in a can from DM? They have 2 sizes of cans on offer, so to save money in case you don't like it, try the smaller can first. Make a shake out of it, blend it with fruit - you can buy frozen fruit berries with no preservatives at your local supermarket. Make it in a tall glass, and fill it with about a quarter of coconut juice, add a scoop of protein powder and a dash of milk and some berries, even a bit of low fat yoghurt if you want to, and you've got a very nice drink that'll keep you from feeling too hungry.