Friday, December 2, 2011

essence LE 'Circus Circus'

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend S.. It was her birthday and we decided to go shopping the whole day. What better way to celebrate your birthday!? So again, dear S. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!";-)

In one of the shops I found the new LE by essence.

All the products were still there and waiting for me!

Here is what I bought:

A two sided nail polish. It is called 'Don't feed the tiger'.
One side is a nice gold and the other big black glitter with small golden glitter.

I only put it on my ringfinger to test it. The gold is a real gold. It does not have a green touch like some golden polishes have.

Then I added the glitter polish on top. It looked nice. The bad thing is that you couldn't see any of the small golden glitter on the golden base polish. So you would have to mix the glitter with another colour.

The second product I bought is an eyeshadow.

It is a cream eyeshadow in the colour 'raise the curtain for...'.

It is hard to describe the colour. It has some gold in it but also some grey.
Here's a swatch:

We'll see if it is longlasting....

Then I bought the highlighting powder.

It is called 'it's magic'.

Doesn't it look great!?
It is golden, so it is great to give you a candle light shimmer. Quality is pretty good. It doesn't have huge glitter chunks in it. I am going to use this mainly at night to go out.

Here is a swatch:

These are all the products I bought. I can't tell you a lot about the other products as there were no testers except for the perfume. I couldn't smell it because I've tried so many perfumes before. It was just too much for my nose...


  1. wow!! *_*
    i really want the powder with the circus tent *_*
    it's gorgeous! hope i'll be able to find it :)
    ps: new follower ♥

  2. I love it too! Hope the tent stays a long, long time...
    Thanks for following! :)

  3. I LOVE the NP that you bough!
    I wish I can find it in France :(

  4. It was a great day :o) THANKS!