Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GlossyBox November

Hey everybody!
I had a few days time to test some of the products.
Here is what I got:

I used the facial pack the other night. In addition to adding some vitamins to my face, I also added some vitamin C to my body. I ate an orange while I waited the 15 minutes.:-)

I also used this product. It is a shower gel and it smells awesome! The texture is comparable to that of shaving gels. It foams up when water is added.

A small sample of a Kérastase shampoo. Smells nice but haven't used it yet.

Sample of the Dr. Scheller handcream. Nothing special. I also think that I had this before.

And last but not least a waterproof mascara by Maria Galland. Will use this in the summer. What I don't like is the form of the brush. I can't stand brushes that are curved like. They just don't work for me. I like the normal shaped ones.

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