Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to remove glitter polish

Hey guys!

So I love using glitter polish, but it is always a pain to remove the glitter.
Here is what I do lately to make the whole removing process a lot easier.

Take five cotton pads. Put some nail polish remover on them. Then you wrap you fingers with them, holding your fingers tight together.

I think you get the idea... What you also can do is press the pads down on your nails. Depending on the size of the glitter you have to leave them on for a longer/shorter time. When I took those pictures I removed the p2 meets essence love polish combination. This had rather small glitter. When removing bigger glitter, like this, you wait longer and additionally rub a little harder to remove everything

When you think you waited long enough, slide the pads off your nails and most of the polish should be gone. Occasionally, you will have to clean the sides of your nails.

Then you turn the pads around so the unused side lies now on your nails.  No need for five new ones. If they are not wet enough with nail polish remover, just put some more on the pads. This happens if you wait longer. The remover just evaporates.

This is a method that works best for me. I know there are also methods that involve wrapping your nails aluminium foil but that is just to much work, I think.

If you have a differen method, let me know in the comments below. It's alway great to get new input!

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