Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make up storage | How to

Hey girls!

As I've shown you now my palette storage, I thought I could also show you my make-up storage.

I store my make up in this little wooden container with three drawers:

The front is decorated with napkins and the corresponding glue. I think this is called napkin decoupage.

So I dedicated each drawer to one part of the face.
  • Top drawer: Eyes
  • Middle drawer: Lips
  • Lower drawer: Face (foundation, highlighter, blush,..
Let's start with the the top drawer:

As you can see, I keep mascara, brow powder and different eye shadows in it. Recently I bought some drawer dividers from IKEA. They are from the Godmorgon series. (Links to the corresponding IKEA website German, US, UK). They were too wide for the drawers, so my dad had to cut the sides of. Now they fit perfectly.

Now the lip drawer:

These are all my lip glosses and some of my lipsticks. Some are missing because they are in a handbag or in a pocket somewhere...:-)
I try to keep my most used products in the front of the drawer, so they are easy accessable. Also switch the colours because I use some more in the summer and some more in the winter.

Now to the face drawer which is actually the fullest:

As it is so full I have to work with two layers. ;-)

So here are the products of the second layer on top:

Now you have seen most of my make up collection and how I store it.  For some it is not a lot, for some it is. I love most of the things I bought.

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