Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Benefit - Hervana

Hey girls!

I finally have it! The newest blush from Benefit. It came today with the mail and immediately I had to make pictures and swatches. So here we go:

That was the packaging. Now for the content:

Normal daylight

In bright sunlight
 In the pircture above I circled were the packaging already ripped. This kind of sucks, but you have to keep in mind that afterall the packaging is only made of paper.
In bright sunlight

In the bright sunlight pictures you can see that there is some glitter in the blush. However, if applied it is not as visible as in the Bella Bamba blush, which I find very glittery...

I swatched you the four clours seperately, just to show you.
When you use it, you swirl the brush in the blush and you get a nice powder pink colour.

I haven't worn it yet, but I'll keep you updated on how I like it.

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