Wednesday, January 18, 2012

L.A. Girl Lipliner Sexy Red | L.A. Color JumboEyePencil Sand Castles

Hey girls,

when I ordered my Benefit Hervan Blush at Douglas, I thought I'd give the new brand L.A. Girl/Color a try. So I ordered two products.

The first one is a red lipliner:

The colour is called Sexy Red. The consistency is a good middle between being too dry and too soft. It is easy to apply.
Here is a swatch:

I have yet to try how good the staying power is as I haven't worn a red lip in the past weeks.

The second product I bought is the L.A. Color JumboEyePencil in the colour Sand Castles:

I would say the colour is best described as a taupe.
The JumboEyePencil reminds me a lot of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil....Who would have thought, if you consider the name and form...:-)

Here is a swatch:

The colour is great, however, I am not impressed with the product. It is very creamy, more than the NYX pencils. There's a lot of creasing going on as you can imagine. I haven't tried the pencil on a base or with a powder eye shadow on top. Only on foundation and powder.
Applying the colour is easy just draw it on your lid and smudge it out with your fingers. Blending can be done but not a lot.

Now to the price.
The lipliners are 1,95€. They contain 2 g of product and come in 24 colours
The pencils are 3,95€. They contain 3 g of product and come in 24 colours.

I wondered why the lipliner carries the name L.A. Girl and the pencil L.A. Color. Does anybody know?

I would love to try their nail polishes. They have some fun colours! Have you tried them?

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