Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Hey everybody,

I wanted to show some things from essence I recently bought. You can see the preview here and here.

Let's start with a top coat that once was limited edition but made it now into the standard range. It is the essence nail art special effect! topper in the colour 08 night in vegas. It is basically multi coloured flakes in a clear base. In the swatch you can see that it comes out quite red but now that I tried it on lighter shades, like a cream, I can say that is not alway the case. On the cream it came out silver. So I guess the colour of the flakies depends on the nail colour you use.

On the left you can see that I bought the gel style nail stickers. Click here for a better view on the gel style. I have not tried them. But I already checked the sizes for my nails. You get 14 pieces which means you should be able to find your size. On the packaging it says to line it up with your nail and cut the excess off. It doesn't say to put a top coat so I wonder how long they will last. They are also supposed to be reusable. We'll see about that and I will definitely let you know when I tried them and how everything worked out.

Then there are two nail/hand care product. I had gloves before which were honestly better. These are just weirdly cut. They fit but they slide off easily and I already lost one in my bed. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it... The ones I had before were from p2 I think. I would say the prices are pretty much the same.

The caring nail oil I find to be quite nice. The applicator helps a lot. It is like a lip gloss applicator. Wipe it off on the bottle and you will still have enough product on to use on all ten fingers.

That's everything for today. Come back tomorrow as I'll show you a new essence glitter top coat.

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