Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Orange/blue eye look

Hey everybody,

yesterday I played around with orange and blue eye shadows and this is the result:

In the pictures the orange came out a lot stronger than it was.

These are the colours I used:

I used two colours from the essence Legends of the Sky palette. The apricot orange and the light blue. On the right you can see two blues from a Catrice duo palette which is not available anymore. You can use any blue you own.

First I put the orange all over my lid and blended it over the crease towards the brow. Then I took a pencil brush and applied the light blue to the inner third of my upper lash line. Then I used the matte blue on the right for the rest of lash line. To intensify the blue I used the glittery Catrice eye shadow on the outer third of the lash line. Apply mascara and you're done. Really easy and quick.

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