Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catrice - Cruise Couture | Preview

Hey guys, there's a new LE from Catrice coming out. It is called Cruise Couture and will be available in May.

The Eye Shadow Palette looks nice but I won't buy it as I have enough blue eye shadows I don't use and red colours on my lid just don't suit me. I look like I've cried. If you like those colours go ahead and buy the palette. Catrice shadows are usually good quality. 4,99€

The LE contains also a gel eyeliner. The colour is a dark blue and is a nice change for the standard black eyeliner. C01 Nautica. 3,99€
There is also a mascara. It is called Lashes to kill Waterproof Volume Mascara. If you need one, get it. Honestly, I have two waterproof mascaras and I hardly ever use them as they make my eyes water. 010 Black. 3,99€

Two Ultimate Shine Lip Colours in 110 Shy Flamingo, 220 Mrs. Brightside. 3,99€
Two Lip Appeal Lip Glosses in 060 Coralista, C01 Welcome To Pink Tropez. 3,79€

Ultimate Nail Lacquer in C01 Hi, Society!, C02 Jetsetter, C03 Welcome To Pink Tropez, C04 Feel The Yacht Beat und C05 Nautica. 2,49€

A Defining Duo Blush. I know that Catrice as these kind of blushes in their standard range but I have never bought. However, I like the description. The left side of the blush is semi-matte and you basically swipe it on like a normal blush. The right side shimmers and you use it on the apples of you cheeks. I will definitely take closer look on that one. 050 Apricot Smoothie. 3,49€

Last but not least, a make up bag. I don't how big or small  it is or how much it will cost. The design looks very beachy.

Are you going to buy anything from this LE?

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