Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catrice - Revoltaire LE | Preview

Hey everybody,
today I want to show you a new limited edition by Catrice. It is called Revoltaire.  It is currently available.

Velvet Matt Lip Colour/Lip Brush
I love the lip stuff. The lip colours look great and I will def get the lip brush.
The lip sticks come in the the colours C01 Colour Bomb, C02 Nude Alarm, C03 Bloody Red. 3,99€
The lip brush is 2,99€.

 Ultimate Nail Lacquer

There are five nail polish colours. C01 Innocent Toxin, C02 Attracting Camouflage, C03 Colour Bomb, C04 Colour of Honor, C05 Mission Lilac. 2,49€

Smokey Eyes Palette

The palettes come with three eye shadow and one cake eye liner (lower right corner). You just wet your brush to use it. C01 Toxic Combination, C02 Explosive Combination. 4,49€

Powder Blush
Love this blush! Def have to get my hands on it. It has an ombre effect. It goes from a light peach to a dark pink. C01 Colour Bomb. 3,99€

I will take a closer look on all the the products with the colour 'Colour bomb' and especially the blush. Will let you know what I bought.

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  1. I love Catrice :)
    Like the lipsticks so much.

    Ina :*