Friday, April 20, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 | MovieFriday

Hey guys,
I wanted to introduce you to a new section on this blog. I called it MovieFriday. Every week I will introduce you to a new movie. The movies are basically all DVDs from my little collection I have acquired over time as I truly hate to watch English movies with the German voice. Having said this, let's this weeks Movie Friday!

Yes, that's my newest addition to my collection. Finally, I got to see it. I didn't watch it in the movie theatre as already mentioned, I really don't like the German voices. Plus I read all the books in English (multiple times). I pre-ordered the DVD on Amazon in January and got it two or three weeks ago. The price decreased from 18€ to 13€.
The DVD comes in a slip case, which looks really nice and fits perfectly to the other DVDs from the Twilight fan editions.

The outside/inside of the case:

On the left you get some extra goodies, in the middle the DVD with the movie and on the right the DVD with alle the extras.

The goodies:

This is a little booklet with some information about the movie, e.g. the wedding, the wolf pack, imprinting on Renesmee and the Denali clan.

I really like the thank you card. It's a great idea. Above you can see front and back. What it basically says: Isabella and Edward Cullen would like to thank the Twilight fans for their participation in the most beautiful wedding in movie history.
Really like that idea.

The special features on the Extra DVD are really great as it was really interesting to see how they did all the effects, especially the birth of Renesmee.
There are different music videos and the personal wedding video of Edward and Bella. There is quite a lot on the Extra DVD. It is nearly as long as the entire movie. The Extra is 111 minutes and the movie 113 minutes.

About the movie: Bella finally gets to marry Edward, the vampire. In their honeymoon she gets pregnant and nobody know what to about the baby. Bella is determined to keep the baby but it basically sucks life out of her. Until they find out that it wants blood, so Bella get to drink some blood (gross moment). There are some difficulties with the birth. Renesmee, the baby, lives and Bella dies. Edward, however, has prepared a syringe with his poison and injects it straight to her heart. After that she transform into a vampire. All the time laying perfectly still on a table. (Love the effects of the change, you get to see how they did it on the Extra DVD.) And here ends part one.
Hope I didn't spoil anything for you, but I think most of you are familiar with the story.

That's it for the first MovieFriday. Hope you liked it. If you have any comments, leave them below.

Hints (quotes) for the next MovieFriday :

"Honey, just cos I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid!"

"Lightning never strikes the same place twice."
"So I can kiss you any time I want."

Happy guessing!!:-)

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