Monday, May 14, 2012

Catrice - Coolibri LE | Preview

Hey everybody!

Catrice is bringing out a new LE called Coolibri. It is available in stores from June to July. So pretty soon!

Ultimate Nail Lacquer. I have to say I looove the colours. So vibrant! Perfect for summer. C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Twist of Lemon, C03 Abloom, C04 Exotica, C05 Virgin Forest. 2,49 €

Eye Shadow Pen. I don't know about eye shadow pens. I have one and I never use it. I only use powder eye shadow. Hope they have some testers, maybe I'll get the golden one - precious nectar.  C01 Precious Nectar, C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest und C04 Exotica. 3,49 €

Nectar Gloss. As crazy as it sounds but I am gonna get the blue one. L'Oréal came out with a blue gloss last summer or the summer before and I wanted to try it but it's just too expensive if I don't like it and only use it once. C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom und C04 Exotica. 3,79 €

Jelly Cheek Tint. Can be used on cheeks and lips. C01 Abloom. 3,99 €

Colour Refreshing Lip Balm. This lip balm adapts its colour according to the pH value of your lips. I honestly don't care about that. I am not going to buy a lip balm for nearly 5 €. 4,99 €

Golden Glow Eye Liner. This liner is applied with a brush applicator and is supposed to be highly pigmented. I would do a wide golden line and then very close to your lash line a thin black line. Makes your lashes look better as with only the golden liner. C01 Precious Nectar. 2,99 €*.

That's all there is in this LE. Overall, very colourful. Hope, I can get my hands on some of the products.


  1. Total schöne Produkte!:)
    Mit Sicherheit landet das eine oder das andere in meiner Sammlung!:)

  2. Da kommen ja tolle Farben auf uns zu. Ein paar von denen würde ich auch gerne mal ausprobieren :)

    Was hälst du von gegenseitiger Verfolgung? Würde mich sehr über einen Besuch oder einen evtl. Kommentar freuen. Wir kleinen Blogger müssen uns doch unterstützen *g*.

    Hab einen schönen Tag.