Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chanel - No. 5 perfume fan

Hey guys,
got to show you this. The other day I got this in a magazine I'm subscribed to and I think it is amazing.

What you see above is the front.
When you open it up, you see this:

The black stripes you see, act like fan, they smell like the perfume and you fan the scent in your face. I thought this is an awesome idea!
Apart from the fan being kind of gimmicky, I have to say I love the scent. I've tried it before on the perfume counter and absolutely did not like it. It smelled kind of grandma -ish to me.
Then I had the fan laying around in my room and forgot about it. The whole time I got a whiff of No. 5 and I didn't know where this scent came from. I hadn't bought a new perfume, so that wasn't it. It took me at least a day to remember the perfume fan.
Long story short. Love the scent. So going to buy it when I have extra money on my hand..

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