Saturday, May 5, 2012

essence - nail fashion sticker gel style | Review

Hey everybody,

so I had the essence nail fashion sticker in gel style laying around for a couple of weeks now and finally I had time to put them on my nails.
When I asked on facebook if anybody had tried them, the answer was that they kind of suck. Well, I had aready bought them by that time. So this is my experience with these stickers.

You can use the stickers on your natural or your painted nails. I decided to paint my nails in a light colour as I had to go to a formal event the other day. I was originally thinking of a bright neon-like colour but decided against it.

I went for Peaches & Cream by Alessandro as I haven't worn it yet. (Click here if you want to see my order of a couple of Alessandro nail polishes.)

Let the colour dry, than start with the stickers. First hold them to you nails to see which size fits which finger. You get seven stickers so you can choose.

Use you tweezers to peel the sticker off the plastic. Start at the top so it doesn't matter if you dent them a bit. Then take the tweezer and align them to your cuticles. Make sure you still have some space between the cuticle and the sticker.
 Press the sticker down with your finger. You can't cange a lot once the sticker is on your nail. I tried and it came right off with the polish. So work slowly and carefully.
As you can see above the stickers were way to long for my short nails so you have to cut them. This is easier if you face your palm and then cut the excees. Use your nail scissor to do this. If you're careful you won't cut into your nail. I always did two nails at a time. Align, press, cut.
To make the whole thing extra secure I applied literally tons of top coat. Focusing especially on the tips of the nails.

You can see that the stickers are quite thick on your nails and I think that's the problem. You'll see in a sec.

I have to say I love this look as I like leo print in general.

Now to the down side. The look did hold for about two hours. :-( That's when I noticed that the first sticker lifted off my nail.

This happend to every nail. The stickers started to lift either around the cuticle area or on the side of the nail. Deperately I tried to "glue" them back with top coat underneath and on top but to no sucess.

Not 24 hours later I was so pissed (pardon my wording, but it's true) I just ripped the stickers of my nails. Figured I could't use nail polish remover. That was the end of this nail look.

The idea behind the stickers is nice but I think the problem is the thickness of the stickers. They are just to stiff to wrap around your more or less curved nails.

Bought them, tried them, didn't like them!


  1. Ich hatte die Sticker auch, und ich fand sie auch nicht gut. Das ist definitiv ein Flop Produkt.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      da bin ich absolut deiner Meinung!