Tuesday, May 8, 2012

essence - ready for boarding | Preview

Hey everybody,
time for another LE by essence. This one is called "ready for boarding" and will be in stores in June and July. As the time seems to fly these days I thought I'd already show you the products.

Eye shadow palette with six shimmering colours and a double sided sponge applicator. Seems like you also get instructions on  how to use the colours. 01 beauty on tour. 3,49 €

2in1 kajal pencil. These are great if you wear these colours. Saves space in your luggage. I hardly ever use kajal. 01 destination sunshine, 02 via airmail!. 1,49 €

Five nail polishes. Especially Destintation Sunshine looks like a great pastel yellow. 01 sending you kisses, 02 beauty on tour, 03 exits on your right, 04 via airmail!, 05 destination sunshine. 1,49 €

Peel off base coat. This is a product I don't know what to think of. The seems great. Just peel your whole nail polish off and you're ready to apply a new colour. This especially handy when you are on vacation and don't want to take remover with you. However, the whole concept of peel off reminds me a lot of my recent disaster with the essence nails stickers. There was some peeling off going on, I can tell you and I didn't like it. Plus it's never good to peel your polish of. You always rip a bit of your nails off as well. You see, I am undecided. 01 carry me home! 1,79 €

   lip & cheek creme. Love both the colours. Most definitely buy either beauty on tour or both. 01 sending you kisses, 02 beauty on tour. 2,49 €

cosmetic bag. Love the design. Have to have one! 01 carry me home!. 2,49 €

luggage tag. 01 carry me home!. 2,29 €

hand & body wipes. I don't know if these are for sanitizing or just for refreshing. You get 15 wipes. 01 destination sunshine. 1,29 €

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  1. Love the yellow Nail Polish and the palette :)