Friday, May 4, 2012

GlossyBox April

Hey everybody,
time for another GlossyBox. It is the April box, but it only came today - beginning of May. That's honestly a bit late but I like the products. Here we go:

This is the Bärbel Drexel Cleansing Face Flui. I heard about that brand but never bought/tried anything. Will be interesting to see how it works.

A 1 g sample of a BM Beauty blusher in the colour Peachy Glow. The swatch on the left is in bright sun light and the right one with flash light. I never heard of BM Beauty before. Just checked their website and it seems they are doing a whole lot of mineral products. Look what you can do with this blush: "

  • BM Beauty minerals are multi purpose. Here are some ways that you can get the most out of your blusher.
  • Customise your minerals. Want to add a pop of colour to your eye make up? Try using your mineral blusher as an eye shadow. Apply in exactly the same way that you would apply BM Beauty mineral eyeshadow.
  • Try adding to your favourite lip gloss or lip balm. Mix in a little of your minerals for a hint of colour or add more for high density colour.
  • Is your blusher a little too dark? Try mixing with your BM Beauty mineral foundation for a more subtle hint of colour.
  • BM Beauty mineral blusher can even be mixed with nail polish as can the rest of our coloured minerals. Time to get experimenting!" Source
  • It's going to be interesting to use this because, honestly, I have no idea how to dip your brush in without loosing a whole lot of product. We'll see...

    This is the Goji Berry shampoo by Guhl. I only recently finished a sachet of the shampoo and conditioner and I liked them.

    A gloss by Illamasqua! Always wanted to try that brand. I got the colour Besotted. Which is a nice red. This is definitely one of the highlight of all the boxes I received so far. And it is full size.

    This is another brand I've never used before. It is face cream by Piz Buin and it has SPF 50. Which is quite high but can't hurt. to have. This is also full size. I put some on my face and at first it fell a bit heavy and greasy but that feeling is now gone.

    You all probably know the charm bracelets by Thomas Sabo. Well, there's also a perfume available. This only a sample but I don't really like it. Too vanille-y for me.

    Overall this box turned out to be really great!

    So in the March box there was this peeling and nobody knew by which brand it was. Turns out it is by Clearasil.

    Well,  I used it a couple of times and I liked the smell. BUT, it broke me out so bad around the chin and nose. At first I didn't know what was going on. I didn't change anything in my routine but this peeling. Through youtube and facebook I found out that other people had the same problem. So I stopped using it and up to this day I have still problems with my skin. Bad experience.


    1. Die Farbe von deinem Illamasqua Lipgloss gefällt mir sehr gut! Hatte die Farbe Temper, eher ein Orange-Rot Ton, mit dem bin ich aber auch sehr zufrieden. :) Haben wir wohl beide mit unseren Boxen Glück gehabt! :) Bin ein neuer Follower deines Blogs, vielleicht magst du ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen ;-)

      xoxo, Melina

      1. Ja, da hast du recht. Kann man sich echt nicht beschweren mit der Box diesen Monat.
        Danke für's Folgen!

        Jacky B.