Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lipstick Melt-Down | DIY

Hey guys,
in Germany we had a public holiday on Monday, which means we had a three-day-weekend! Awesome!
So I had some time to finally melt most of my lipsticks into pans. After I was finished I put them into my new Z-Palette! Love it! :-)

These are the lipsticks I used. The colours vary from bright reds to bright pinks.

I have done a little tutorial before on how to melt your lipsticks, take a look here.

So the ideal would be if you could pull the bullet out of the case. As you can see above it worked perfect with the Kryolan and the L'Oréal lipsticks. Others were easy to pull out as well. Some didn't work as good. I think it was probably too hot. I had to be very careful not to squeeze too hard. When the bullet didn't come out I simply cut the top off in an angle.

You have to eyeball the amount of lipstick you cut off. It depends on the size of the pan you use. If in doubt, go with less. You wouldn't want to stain your flat iron. Use some tweezers to take the pan off the iron. And move slowly. Don't make any rapid moves. Otherwise you'll be most likely to spill some of the liquid lipstick.

As you can see I used mostly smaller pans and only five bigger pans. If you want to know the name of lipstick let me know. Unfortunately, some are not available anymore.

Here are the pans in the Z-Palette.

At last I added the four pans from my previous palette and this is it. My very own lip palette. I also added a lip brush which will stay in the palette. It is so much fun to mix the different colours and create a unique colour on your lips.

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