Monday, May 21, 2012

p2 - Viva Argentina LE | Preview & Buys

Hey everybody,

time for another LE. Is it just me or are we all flooded with new LE's?!
P2 came out with a new LE called Viva Argentina. Well, when I got the Preview from p2 there was no product I really, really wanted to buy. I only thought, when I find it somewhere, I'm gonna look at the products and decide if anything is going home with me.

triple touch powder palette

triple touch blush palette
The above palettes looked nice but they were all sold out, only the testers were left. Both of them are 3,45€.
precious eye base

As you can see I bought the eyeshadow base. I thought, I'd give it a try. Honestly, most of the time I forget to use a base. 2,75€
perfect cover concealer duo

amazing metallic eyeliner 020 Paso Doble €2,75

amazing metallic eyeliner 010 Tango €2,75

precious lash base €2,85 

pure drama volume mascara 010 deseo negro €2,75

perfect expression eye shadow trio 030 te deseo!

010 te quiero!

020 te necesito!

As you can see, I bought the trio in the colour "020 te necesito!" Contains some great neutral colours. I am not a huge fan of all the other colours. Blues and violets look not really good on me.
I am glad I chose this combination as the middle colour is a great shimmery gold. The shadows are all really buttery. Although I don't use the yellow as often. I tend to use the others two even more. Apply the gold all over your lid and the matte brown in your crease and your look is done.
The palettes are all €3,45.

2in1 lip duo stick'n gloss
010 temperamento (orange)
020 pasión (pink)
030 amor (red)
€ 4,65

latin beauty nail polish
010 muy guapa (orange)
020 solamente bonita! (pink)
 030 muy preciosa! (brown)
040 que maravillosa (blue)

latin secrets fragrance €3,75 

As you can see I only bought two products. I would have gotten the blush palettes but it was not available. The 2in1 lipstick/gloss was just a bit too expensive and I'd rather combine the colours I want. The polish colours were nothing new and didn't really appeal to me as well as the mascara, the mascara base and the liners.

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