Monday, May 7, 2012

Salt Scrub | DIY

Hey guys,
today I want to show you a great DIY for Salt Scrub/Peeling. For years I've been using it once or twice a month. It is really easy to make as you have all the ingredients already at home. Here's what you need:

You need a body lotion, bowl and spoon for mixing everything together and some salt (or sugar). I just eyeball how much salt I need. My guess is that I used about 5 to 8 table spoons in the above picture. The reason I use a plastic bowl is that I don't like to have anything in the shower that might shatter.

Now pour some lotion in the bowl and mix it up with the spoon. You should get a smooth texture. If it looks like above, pour more lotion in, like I did.

Now that your scrub is ready go ahead and use it. ;-)

I always use it in the evening and in the shower. Makes your skin really smooth and soft. The difference on your hands is especially remarkable. Sooo soft! But don't use it on your face, it's way to greasy and the salt is way to rough on your face.

One last tip: Be aware that your shower floor might get a bit slippery when you use the scrub. So be careful!

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  1. good idea ♥ and a beautiful blog :)