Monday, May 28, 2012

Tangle Teezer

Hey guys,
I did it. I finally caved and bought a Tangle Teezer.

I actually never thought it would work that good. Love this brush so much now!
If you buy it in a store ist costs you about 15€ which is quite a lot for a brush. When I checked amazon for Tangle Teezers I found this one for 11 or 12€. Not that much cheaper but still I was willing to pay that price.

The Tangle Teezer is labeled as a "professional detangling hairbrush". You can use it on wet and dry hair.

There are different colours available. I really didn't mind the colour. I was just going for the cheapest. The colour I got is a purple-dark blue with glitter. Turns out to be really pretty.
I just checked amazon and there is now another colour cheaper than the others. Seems like they change that.

I use the Tangle Teezer under the shower when I put a treatment in my hair to evenly distribute it. I use it again after I have towel-dryed my hair.

The bristles are a mix of longer and shorter ones. The detangling works great for the most part. Sometimes I have to comb my hair on the top of my head 2 to 3 times as I feel it doesn't get the job done at the first time. But I should add that I have really thick hair. In the length of my hair I never had a problem with detangling. I really noticed a difference in the back of my neck. I always had knots there. They are now gone.

Overall, I can really recommend the Tangle Teezer although I was sceptical at first.

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  1. I love my tangle teezer, got it about a month ago and I’ll never use another brush again! Its great for when I’ve just got out the shower as my hair gets really tangled then. I got mine from Hairtrade it seems to be the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. I wear I&K hair extensions too and its great on them x