Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Douglas Box of Beauty June

Hey guys,
yes you read right! I am back to the BoB. The new concept really convinced me. If you never heard about it, here is how it works. There is one full size product that is set by Douglas. So far that is nothing new. Here is the new part. YOU get to choose which samples you want to have in you box. And that's the part that convinced me. Obviously Douglas gives you a selection of samples to choose from. You can decide if you want perfume, face cream, hair stuff, etc.

The Jeunesse powder is the full size product. I was sceptical if it would be too dark for me. Because it's medium but the colour is fine.

BTW, love the stripes in the box. So beachy!

The Armani cream smells lovely. Can you imagine that the full size costs 85 €?! Quite expensive, I would say!

The perfume sample is actually a miniature size of the normal perfume. So cute!

I haven't tried the BB Cream yet. I sprayed the luminous shine mist in my hair but didn't check for the shine. Smart, right?! However, I can tell you that it smells quite intense.

One thing I was disappointed about was the size of the box. It is now about 1 or 2 cm bigger than the older ones. I use the boxes for my nail polishes.

Now they don't fit into my Benno shelf...:-( This really sucks as the boxes I have are pretty much full.

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