Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Hey guys,
I totally forgot to blog about these lovely cream eyeshadows from the  A new league LE.

I swatched them in the store on my hand and then wanted to wipe them off. Didn't work! Couldn't get them off. So I thought to myself that this shadows come in handy in the summer.

There were three colours available (take a look here) but I only got two. 'Oh de prep' is a nice bronze and 'Caddy in the wind' is a shimmery gold.

They stay on all day and you have to use a waterproof eye make up remover to get them even off you lids. The easiest way to apply them is with your fingers. You have to work quick though as they dry in seconds and there is no way to blend them once they dried. I also used to a brush for application which gives you a softer look.

I wore these shadows on really hot days when I was outside. I imagine you could also wear them to the pool but I haven't tried that.

Apply the golden colour all from your lash line up to your crease and then use the bronze in the crease. Don't forget to blend! You can get really hard edges with these.

If you're lucky you might still find this Limited Edition in stores. If not, maybe some of the products will turn up in the sale section.

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  1. Wow ,great Swatches! Love the Colours :)