Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fish Egg Manicure | DIY

Hey guys,
sorry I've been MIA but I was gone for a couple of days and then our internet broke down. It is still not working properly, usually we have wireless but at the moment I am connected to a wire. Well, better than no internet...
Here is a look I tried out before I left last week. You have most likely seen it before . It is the the Fish Egg Manicure.

It is so easy to do. You just need those little pearls (fish eggs). I found mine at a dollar store. You can also look in a craft store.
The pearls I found came in a pack of three. I used the pink ones because they reminded me of a polish I hadn't used in a while. The polish is by p2 and called stylish.

Put a little tray or piece of paper under your finger to catch the beads that might fall down and reuse them.
Paint you nails in the colour you like. Immediately after you're finished painting dip you nail in the fish eggs. Take your finger out and gently press the beads to your nail. You can also shape the beads a bit if they don't have the proper nail shape. And that is all there is to the Fish Egg Manicure.
I only put the beads on my ring finger as I think it would be just too much on all your fingers. You can or cannot use a top coat. I tried and the colour of the beads stayed put. I also read that is sometimes not the case.


  1. I've been wanting to try this for ages. I found a seller on ebay where you get 18 tiny bottles of beads for 99p, maybe that would be a good thing to get! Great look anyway, I gues I'll have to go ahead and try it too :)

    xoxo Melina

  2. Wow, great deal! Def have to check that out. Have fun with the fish eggs! :-)
    Jacky B.