Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nail Art Tips / Fan

Hey guys,
I found something really cool on ebay. They are nail art tips. I had nail wheels for some time now but when I first got them I thought that I don't have to label the colours but now I don't know which colour is which. Especially with the red it got really confusing...

I got two of them which means that I have more than a hundred nailpolishes. I still have some left to swatch. Amazing! (Yes, I know, I am such a polish addict.)

This fan contains my Anny, Alessandro and MNY polishes, as well as some other brands I only own one or two polishes of.

This is the fan with glitter. I used a white as a base and put all my glitter and crackle top coats on top. Love the result. Then there are my p2 and Catrice polishes. As well as some Esprit ones.

I used two coats for every colour, except the glitter/crackle polishes. Although some were already opaque with one coat.
Also I labeled the tips with the name and colour of the polish. So there is no way to mix them up anymore. If you want to have your own fan, search for nail art tips and order the ones from Hongkong or China. They are pretty cheap and the shipping is free. Shipping also didn't take long. Less than two weeks.

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