Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alverde - Ethno Reloaded LE | Buys

Hey everybody,
so these are the two products I bought from the Alverde Ethnic Reloaded LE. A blush and a bronzer.
Here are swatches of the individual colours in the blush. They look all very metallic.
I bought this bronzer shade because it looked the least orange of the two. Now I am not so sure any more. Below on the left you can see the bronzer and on the right is the colour you get when you swirl all the colours of the blush together.
When you dip you brush in the bronzer it is very dusty. The blush is completely different. It is very soft.
I think I will use the blush not all over on my cheeks but as a highlight or as eyeshadow.

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