Friday, July 13, 2012

essence - Colour Arts LE | Preview

Hey guys,

essence is coming out with a new Limited Edition in August called Colour Arts. Guess, what it contains? No, no nail polishes in this one. But 20 pigments you can use on your eyes, lips and nails. Awesome! Right?!

These are the first ten pigments. Sadly, they don't have names so I just gave them numbers. I love colours like 1, 2 and 3. 4 is a really different colour. I could imagine that 6 looks good on the lips, not so much on the eye. 9 could be a nice inner corner highlight.

The last set of ten looks to me more like colours if you like it colourful. I probably take a closer look on 14, 15 and 16. As I like to use purple in my crease.
The pigments will cost you 2,49€.

These are the "tools" to either apply the pigments or make the pigments last longer. You get a multi tasker. But honestly, I think any of the unused sponge applicators in your eye shadow palettes will do. 1,29€

The idea of releasing mixing jars is great. Make your own pigment! But the first thing that flashed in my mind was that these would be great for travel. Just put some of your cremes in these. And they are only 1,29€.

Then you can buy a lip and an eye base. Simply apply the base and then the pigment on top. Both are 1,79€.
So with the nail base I have some problems imagining how this one works. Do you apply the base and then sprinkle the pigment on top while it is still wet? Or do you somehow have to mix it with the base? I don't know. We will see when it is released. It is 1,59€.

As already mentioned the LE will be released in August and here comes the best part. The pigments will be available in the permanent range of essence. So you don't have to worry if you can't get a certain pigment. You will in the end end of August.

Which pigments are you going to get?

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