Monday, July 2, 2012

Essie - Penny Talk, p2 - Free of mind! | NOTD

Heys guys,
time for a NOTD. I love this one. It looks so summery!

The polishes I used are Penny Talk by Essie and Free of mind by p2. All colours  are from a limited edition.

Penny Talk is a metallic rose gold. I always wanted a rose gold nail polish. Now I have one! Application is so easy with the big brushes. Plus you only need one coat and it is opaque.

Free of mind is also a polish were you only need one coat to full opaqueness. Love that blue!

Nearly forgot to tell you. I couldn't decide which combination I like better. Blue with one nail penny talk. Or penny talk with one nail blue. So I did one hand like that and the other hand the other way around.

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